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Alternative Assessments

If you’re reading this post, please know that I’ve moved the How to Teach a Novel blog to a new site. There you’ll find even more recent posts! Please change your bookmarks.

This is one of those posts where I simply point and say, “I saw something cool! Let’s go get it.”

A friend at Twitter (PageTurnersBlog, well worth following) retweeted that a post at Novel Novice features one YA Lit teacher’s alternative assessments as a download. A couple cool ideas I hadn’t thought of!

It’s nice to share good stuff!

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Book Report Tracking Sheet

I mentioned this at a workshop, and I’ve had a few emails regarding it, so there may be some general interest. The Book Project Tracking Sheet allows for various “checkpoints” along the way in order to prevent students from procrastinating. Parents love it, and students have also told me they liked seeing their progress; it divided a really big “meatloaf of a report” into easily digestible chunks (my words, not theirs).

Email me if you’d like a Word format for tweaking.

Book Report Tracking Sheet

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